I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. I have been blessed with the opportunity to study with Ryan Leier, Troy Hadeed, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Seane Corn and continue to learn from everyone who is courageous enough to step onto their mats.

I believe that as you practice yoga regularly, this subtle sense of feeling good gradually grows into something so natural that it becomes rooted in your lifestyle- in the way you think, what you say, how you react to situations, and how you carry yourself, so much so that it carries over into the entirety of your life and helps clarify your deepest longings, aspirations and feelings, thereby restoring optimism, meaning, and the purpose of life itself. My goal is to emphasize the steady connection and healing power of the breath and to cultivate a continuous & mindful investigation of what qualities we are truly cultivating in our lives.

I believe that when mindfulness, compassion and empathy are present, transformation happens exponentially. With the incorporation of yoga into my life, I have never felt better in my mind, body and soul and I hope to inspire you to do the same!

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