My name is Gicelle Magloire – Mayers . Everyone calls me Gic ūüôā I’m¬†an Holistic Therapist certified in Hypnosis /Past Life Regression Therapy / Shiatsu & Thai Yoga Massage/ Stress Management /Hatha & Kemetic Yoga.

 I was an apprentice at The Soul Mind Body Renewal Institue for 6 years where I studied and applied alternative herbal and vibrational healing modalities to terminally ill persons.These modalities included TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine ), Acupuncture, Acupressure , Massage , Hypnosis , Past Life Regression , Natural Medicine , Chakra Clearing & Balancing ,Ozone and Rife therapy . I was trained in Thai Yoga Massage by the founder of Lotus Palm Institute  Montreal ,Kam Thai Chow .
My Hatha  and Vinyasa yoga certification and training were facilitated by founder of One Yoga Saskatoon Ryan Leier  and Troy Hadeed owner of  One Yoga Trinidad. I was also trained and certified by Master Yiser Ra Hotep founder and owner of  Yoga Skills School of Kemetic ( Ancient Egyptian) Yoga in the healing science of Kemetic Yoga.
 To date I am the first and only certified Trinidadian Kemetic Yoga teacher .I have been practicing Yoga for 8 years and instructing for the past 4 years
My teachers have helped me re-discover the medicine and magic that is Breath ,
Through my personal¬†practice I’ve¬†discovered the
power of BREATH .The transformation, healing and renewal that I have experienced and continue to experience through Yoga in my life ,inspire and motivate me daily to share the practice with everyone I meet. Helping others is my own personal medicine. I enjoy and love the work that I do .

—No matter where life takes me One Yoga and the One Yoga¬†Community will always be at the core of my yoga journey and the center of my heart ! I love my lions ūüôā

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