What yoga means to me?

Yoga for me is rejuvenation. It helps me put my body on reset after posture has been less than perfect sitting at a desk all day or when I’ve been overly competitive running or playing basketball. Yoga also resets my mind. It’s a very difficult feeling to explain after finishing a yoga class but all is well in my mind, agitation is removed and thinking becomes more focused.

Why do I feel it’s important to practice?

Yoga has so many proven physical and mental benefits.

How has yoga benefitted my life?

Yoga first benefited my life by improving my athletic and classroom abilities as a University of Cincinnati Football player and student. I just noticed at the time I first started yoga that everything in my life got easier to deal with. Studying for exam got less irritating, my body wasn’t hurting as much, I noticed my endurance, balance, and strength improve while playing football.

Today Yoga combined with meditation has helped me heal from injuries and remain active, maintain a spiritual life, become more patient and aware.

Where am I from?

I’m from first generation American born from Trinidadian parents and raised in Brooklyn NY. I moved to Trinidad in 2012 and never looked back. I watched so many immigrants come to America to learn and earn and take their knowledge back to building their home country. I decided to be one of those people. Besides teaching yoga, I own a Digital Marketing Consultancy and an Outdoor Advertising Billboard company. I have one son, Cameron.

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