Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga
Beyond Yoga is founded upon the community that was previously known as One Yoga Trinidad. With absolute gratitude to the One Yoga international family we move towards new and exciting opportunities as BeyondYogaTv. Our community has been thriving in Trinidad & Tobago under the guidance of Troy Hadeed and as we evolve and grow the time has come for us to shift gears, spread our wings, and prepare for new and exciting transitions.

Our brick & mortar studio (formerly known as One yoga) will continue serving our community in every way we can and offer a regular schedule of classes with our faculty of teachers. Under the continued guidance of lead teacher Troy Hadeed we will nurture the warmth and love of our physical studio in Trinidad as we expand our online platform and offerings at

 will be providing a variety of online offerings including daily live streamed classes from our physical studio, a online library of pre-recorded classes that you can access at your convenience, and a series of online courses & workshops to assist with your practice and journey.

Our Philosophy

Beyond Yoga represents a depth of practice that transcends the posture and encourages us to take our practice beyond the yoga mat, and into our lives. With emphasis on an intimate relationship with breath, graceful movement, and intentional focus, our intention is to reconnect practitioners to something larger than the individual self. We believe that it is only in moving beyond our individual identity, beyond labels, beyond narratives, and even Beyond Yoga that we can actually become yoga, the embodiment of absolute Union and infinite love.

Regardless of anyone’s age, level of fitness, race, religion, or social status Beyond Yoga aims to create a warm, welcoming, and loving space where everyone can have the opportunity to benefit from the intelligence of their breath, the peace of their mind, and a deeper relationship to their unique understanding of God.