Live Green is your home for the highest quality of Natural and Organic Earth Friendly products. In this world there are many toxins and chemicals that we breathe, eat and put on our skin every day. We are here to listen, educate and provide you with everything you need to prevent illness and have a happy healthy life.

We have the widest selection of Superfoods, teas, healthy snack bars and plant proteins. We cater for every need with natural, organic and ayurvedic supplements, alternative remedies: homoeopathic and herbal, aromatherapy essential oils, non-toxic hair, skin and oral care, non-toxic household cleaning products. Pre and postnatal for mom, plus skin care, first foods and alternative remedies for babies and kids. Beautiful chakra products, crystals, candles, wind chimes, incense and sage to detox and feng shui your home. Full range of yoga products for your lovely yoga practice. We make our own fresh juices, kefir, and raw healthy eats. Heal your mind, body and soul with the right products with positivity and love!