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Yoga, Theory & Principles of Asana
Ever wondered where yoga originated and how come it makes you feel so amazing? During this workshop we not only attempt to touch on the origins of yogic practice and its journey, but we also take a look at its theory and alignment on a physical and holistic level. The last hour of this workshop will be spent analyzing common (and requested) postures with an eye for alignment, breath, and muscle activity.
Length: 2-3hrs.
Levels: Beginners – Advanced

Intro to Acroyoga: Learning to connect and fly
Acroyoga is pretty much short for, "lots of fun stuff you never thought you could do." Seriously it can be defined as 'acrobatic partner yoga.' Unfortunately this practice can come with a feeling of performance and ego;  however, we like to take a different approach. You can expect to warm up with some basic partner yoga, establishing the connection and strength between two individuals (even strangers). Then we begin to move into a little more exciting acroyoga formations in groups, and with 'spotters'. As we move into excitment and adventure, we keep the yoga as we try to maintain a level of connection and focus with our partners. Through alignment, breath support and strength, you will find yourself doing feats you did not think possible.
Length: 2-3 hours
Levels: Beginners – Advanced

Anatomy of the breath: Ujjayi, Bhandas, & Asana
In our yoga practice, as in daily life, breath is of primary importance. The problem is that most of us really aren't too sure how to breathe properly, far less how the breath works. We begin to experiment with different methods of breathing and look at the actual anatomy of the breath; how does it work? What exactly is happening? How do I make my breath as efficient as possible? We will then look at the role and effect of the breath, Ujjaui Pranayama, and bandhas in our yoga asana practice. You should come away with a new appreciation for your body while uncovering new strength and focus in your practice.
Length: 2.5 -3 hrs
Levels: Beginners – Advanced

Inversions: A new perspective on life
Just imagine that you will probably spend 75% of your life standing up, with the forces of gravity constantly creating compression in one direction. Inversions are not only recognized as some of the most therapeutic postures of all asanas, but most of the time we can find all the answers and inspiration we seek by viewing things from a different perspective. Inversions can come in a wide range of levels and in this workshop you will experience the most basic of inversions, as well as have the opportunity to play with more advanced inversions, if safely accessible. We will often work with partners to build confidence and you can expect to leave this workshop feeling inspired, calm and powerful.
Length: 2 without lecture / 2.5 hours with lecture
Level: Prior yoga experience recommended

Arm balances: discovering your strength through understanding
Arm balances are often considered some of the most impressive and physically demanding of postures. The thing is that they demand much more than strength as they call for a great amount of focus and stillness. These postures at all levels should not be called arm 'balances' at all as they have very little to do with balancing and everything to do with foundation. In this workshop we explore beyond the realm of arm balancing and explore the power of our mind and the limits we place on ourselves both on and off the mat. Much like all arm balances are accessible to all practitioners; with the right alignment, breath, and practice, we explore how these principles bring all our dreams within reach.
Length: 2 hours
Level: Prior yoga experience recommended

Living yoga:
Asana practice is the most common of yoga practices in Western culture, but beyond this also lies the philosophy of the living your yoga: - the "recommendations (commandments) of yoga" if you will. Among these are ethical guidelines and suggestions for living and self-exploration: - the yamas and niyamas. This workshop is in no way bound or restricted by religion or spiritual belief, but founded on compassion, understanding, empathy, forgiveness, and love. You can expect to take a look at how you react to the challenges and obstacles in your life, what you represent in your life, and how you can begin to create the life and reality that you desire.
Length: 2-3 hours

Depth Of Practice; breaking through Asana practice
All yoga practitioners have had amazing experiences on the mat and we all know that feeling of upliftment, strength, and high that can follow an incredible Asana practice. This 2.5 hour practice moves you through externally and internally rotated poses with your breath and alignment as your guide. You will be challenged on all levels and can expect not only to experience breakthroughs in your Asana practice, but this class is designed to take you through your physical experience into the realm of emotional release and mental inspiration. It will leave you with confident, grounded and ready to take on the world. Modifications and variations to postures are offered.
Length: 2.5 hours
Level: Intermediate students only (6 months experience)

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