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"Anybody can breathe: therefore anybody can practice yoga. But not everyone can practice every kind of yoga. It has to be the right yoga for the right person" - T.K.V. Desikachar


What is Yoga?
Is Yoga a religious practice?
I've never done Yoga before, can I start now?
How old do you have to be to do Yoga? Am I too old/young?
I am not flexible at all! Can I still do Yoga?
I have a back/knee/shoulder/joint injury. Should I be doing Yoga?
I am looking for something to aid with my spiritual journey. Will yoga help?
I am very fast-paced and often stressed. Can Yoga help me relax?
Will Yoga help me to lose weight?
Will Yoga help to build core strength?
I go to the gym. Should I still do Yoga?
Can Yoga help me to stop smoking?
What do I wear?
What do I bring?

  • What is Yoga?
    The origins of the word yoga means; to yoke, or form union. Simply put the goal of yoga is to merge and create union between mind, body and spirit in optimum health and wellness. A further meaning of the word yoga is, "the ability to attain what was previously unattainable."
    There are hundreds of different styles and practices of yoga, but the form of yoga most commonly practiced in the West is called Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is the practice of physical postures with breath, awareness, and mindfulness. Even within Hatha yoga there are many different styles of yoga with various levels of intensity and focus. The practice of yoga is rooted deep in Indian traditions and dates back thousands of years. With this in mind we must mention that yoga is a practice of mind, body, and spirit; a yoga practice cannot be complete if any of these components are missing. The most powerful of yoga practices are those that we practice off our mat, in our daily lives.
  • Is Yoga a religious practice?
    No. Even though yoga has its roots within Hindu and Indian cultures, we do not see yoga as a religious practice. People of all cultures and religions can feel comfortable practicing yoga without compromising their beliefs. With that said, yoga can be a spiritual practice and we do encourage our students to make the yoga practice a devotional one, to the God of their own understanding. This is a personal choice.
  • I've never done yoga before can I start now?
    YES! You should start now. It is never too late to begin a Yoga practice, regardless of your age or physical health. However, before you begin, be sure to talk with your instructor to make them aware of any concerns or conditions you may have so that they can help you modify the practice if necessary. If you have any questions with regard to your condition please feel free to contact us.
  • How old do you have to be to do Yoga? Am I too old / young?
    Anyone can do yoga! There is yoga for kids, adolescents, adults and seniors. Of course not all classes will be suitable for all age groups, so if you like you can contact us for guidance. The majority of our yoga classes are suitable for young adults to seniors.
  • I am not flexible at all! Can I still do yoga?
    That's exactly why you should start doing yoga right now! The fact is that you are not getting any younger, unfortunately. Yoga seems to carry a stereotype that it's all about stretching and flexibility. While this is of great importance, yoga also increases strength and conditioning. With regards to the anatomy of the human body we believe that stress, and 90% of physical ailments and injuries are originally caused by tight and inflexible muscles leading to misalignment.
  • I have back/knee/shoulder/joint injuries. Should I be doing yoga?
    Every injury and every situation needs to be assessed individually but in general the answer would be, yes. However, it is important to practice yoga with awareness of your body and your injury. Yoga, when practiced correctly, with accommodation for injuries, will help strengthen the muscles around the injury, develop flexibility and quicken rehabilitation time. On the other hand, like anything else, if yoga is practiced incorrectly it can worsen these conditions. Please be mindful, speak with your instructor and listen to your body.
  • I am looking for something to aid with my spiritual journey. Will yoga help?
    Yes. Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs the magic of yoga is that it becomes your practice and can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you choose to make your practice a physical, or devotional one, yoga helps manifest a stillness of body and mind that gives you the ability to look within yourself.
  • I am very fast-paced and often stressed. Can yoga help me relax?
    By blending yoga asana with various breathing and meditation techniques, yoga brings mindfulness, patience, and awareness into your life. Not only will it relieve stress, but leave you feeling calm, grounded, centered and powerful. Yoga brings balance and regularity to the functions of the body.
  • Will yoga help me to lose weight?
    A regular yoga practice has definitely proven to tone and trim the body, but please remember yoga is not specifically a weight-loss program and for yoga to have a positive impact on the physical body, it must also co-exist with a proper diet, focus, breath, meditation and an all-round holistic lifestyle. If it is the drive for a healthier, fitter body that bring you to yoga, THEN BRING IT ON! The rest of the practice will reveal itself in time.
  • Will yoga help to build my core?
    Rather than seeing the core solely as "the six pack" we view the core as the foundation of physical activity. By working with breath, and including everything from the knees to the chest as "the core body" you will soon find that developing a strong core through yoga not only gives you the solid core you're looking for but strengthens your entire body and greatly reduces the risk of injury.
  • I go to the gym. Should I still do yoga?
    Definitely! A yoga practice can only complement your existing physical activities. Yoga can offer you everything your current exercise program does, as well as everything you need that it does not. A dedicated yoga asana practice is certain to increase levels of strength and physical performance.
  • Can Yoga help me to stop smoking?
    Yes. In general, when you establish a regular yoga practice you will soon find that you begin to live a little differently. Eventually, you may find yourself analyzing your life, the things you would like to change, and the world around you. So, one day, with a new appreciation for your life and your health, you may very well decide to stop smoking. If you are currently battling with kicking the habit yoga may give you the inspiration and driving force to take it home.
  • What do I wear?
    Wear what you might wear to the gym or to go running. You want to be cool, comfortable, and secure. Also remember that no shoes or slippers should be worn in a studio or practice room. Yoga is practiced without shoes or socks. In an asana class chances are that you will sweat!
  • What do I bring?
    An open mind, your breath, a smile, water, a towel and a yoga mat (if you have one). If you do NOT have any one these, one can be provided for you.
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