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A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. -Mahatma Gandhi

Class Descriptions

  • Hatha
    Working with alignment and breath, this class secures the foundation for your practice and invites you to go deeper, while remaining centered and calm. You can expect to develop strength, flexibility, and focus.
    Open to all levels: beginners to experienced.
  • Vinyasa Flow – Level 1
    This class is strongly based in alignment and static postures with clear instruction. We begin to introduce the art of vinyasa and the use of breath to transition between postures; with and wihtout the use of sun salutations.
    Open to all levels: beginners to experienced.
  • Vinyasa Flow – Level 2
    In our level 2 vinyasa flow, we stick to the principles of alignment and breath founded in our Level 1, and we build on it by introducing new postures and alternative sequencing. This class can be a little more challenging than our Level 1 as we incorporate more sun salutations and longer holds of poses. This class will also include with a little pranayama and meditation.
    Open to all levels: beginners to experienced.
  • Vinyasa Flow – level 3
    Building on our Levels 1 & 2, this class will stick to our principles but will use appropriate sequencing to prepare the body to try new intermediate and advanced poses. This class will not have much basic instruction and may include some "work-shopping" of new postures, arm-balancing, and inversions.
    Practitioners should have at least 6 months regular practice before attending a level 3 class. (Or receive the instructor's approval to attend.)
  • Introduction To Ashtanga
    This class is an introduction to the principles of Ashtanga yoga, movement, breathe and postures all linked together as taught by Sri. Pattabi Jois. It is a dynamic form of yoga and will create a lot of sweat and heat.
    Open to all levels: beginners to experienced.
  • Ashtanga-Inspired
    Ashtanga yoga is built upon a specific set of sequencing. In this class we will use the heat created by the practice to explore the body's range of motion and create flexibility, strength and focus. As this class will move quite fluidly, it is recommended that the student have some experience with asan, though not necessarily in Ashtanga.
  • Arm Balances & Inversions – Level 1
    After we build some heat and prepare the body, we begin to move into the introduction of intermediate inversions and arm-balances. This class develops core strength and encourages students to step outside their comfort zone. Postures are offered with modifications, as well as their full expressions so that everyone can enjoy life from a different perspective. One should come with an open mind and playful attitude.
    Open to all levels: beginners to experienced.
  • Arm Balances & Inversions – Level 2
    Beginning with some meditation to focus the mind this class will move through sun slautations, satic postures, into more advanced arm balances and inversions. Again, modifications are offered but this class requires students to already have some experience with arm balances and inversions so they know their own limits.
    Practitioners should have at least 3-6 months regular practice, be in relatively good shape, and have had prior arm balance and inversion experience. Come with an open mind.
  • Mindfulness Meditation
    Ever wanted to meditate? Well here's your introduction. We will learn different techniques of observing our mind, and its relation to our thoughts and emotions. If we cannot sit for 60mins in the presence of our own thoughts then that is worrying. The healing of this world needs to begin with us, inside our beautiful minds. Come and learn to sit. Ultimately, that is why we practice yoga.
    Open to all levels: beginners to experienced.
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